Streamlined Application Management Across Cloud Platforms

Seamless Adaptive Multi-Cloud Management of Service-Based Applications

Seaclouds monitors the application load stress and offers automatical up and down scaling with a cost sensitive cross platform deployment.

For the game-servers of Nurogames the focus is on efficiently managing player surges during peak times and spikes after promotions, with a simplified administrative process, minimal user delays, and cost-effectiveness in mind.

SeaClouds system simplified cross-cloud application management, and prevents vendor lock-in with seamless migration, replication, and distribution of application modules based on a unified management API and universal metrics. Compatibility with cloud interoperability standards is ensuring seamless integration with existing cloud ecosystems.

Core Featuers

Architecture Designer

An easy-to-use graphical user interface to design complex service-based applications.

Matchmaker & Optimizer

The best-fit options among all potential deployment solutions of an application over available IaaS/PaaS offerings.

Cloud Discoverer

SeaClouds automatically discovers available IaaS/PaaS offerings, and permits retrieving them in a OASIS TOSCA-based representation.

Application Manager

Efficient deployment and management of multi-cloud applications across multiple IaaS/PaaS offerings. Horizontal and vertical scaling of cloud resources to maximize performance.

Monitoring & SLA Enforcement

SeaClouds monitors the health and performance of business-critical applications.

The Collaborative Project is funded by the European Union, represented by the European Commission.

Streamline Cloud App Management with SeaClouds: Unifying API and 5 Essential Components

The SeaClouds platform consists of five components as illustrated in the architecture, in addition to the REST harmonized and unified SeaClouds API used for the deployment, management and monitoring of simple cloud-based applications through different and heterogeneous cloud providers.

  • SeaClouds Discoverer: In charge of discovering (by using the Discoverer API) available capabilities and add-ons offered by available cloud providers.
  • SeaClouds Planner: In charge of implementing planning policy (using the Planner API) to orchestrate the multi-cloud deployment of the application modules.
  • SeaClouds Deployer: In charge of taking as input the orchestration specification generated by the Planner, and deploying (by exploiting the Deployer API) the application modules on the specified clouds.
  • SeaClouds Monitor: In charge of monitoring (by means of the Monitor API) that the QoS properties of the application modules and the whole application are not violated by the clouds in which they were deployed. Also in charge of generating the reconfiguration suggestions (if needed) to be passed as inputs to the Planner component to trigger the generation of a new adaptive orchestration plan.
  • SeaClouds SLA Service: In charge of mapping (by using the SLA Service API) the low level information gathered from the Monitor into business level information about the fulfilment of the SLA defined for a SeaClouds application.

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