The Therapy App for Children to Overcome Anxiety

The Idea

The DIVAN-Kids project represents a pioneering initiative by Nurogames, intecsoft, Humboldt University of Berlin and HMKW that aims to provide an innovative solution to a critical societal problem: the mental health of children awaiting psychotherapy. In a world where the demand for psychological care exceeds available resources, DIVAN-Kids offers a web-based platform, a therapy app with playful elements and psycho-educational content combined to help children with anxiety disorders. By combining playful learning and sound psychological education, the application aims to strengthen socio-emotional skills and prepare children for the challenges of their therapy.

A unique feature is the use of affective computing, which allows children’s experiences to be customised and monitored to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness of the intervention in the home environment. This technology makes it possible to capture emotional states in real time and adapt interactions, accordingly, promoting a more personalised and engaging learning experience.

The Goal

In addition to directly supporting children, DIVAN-Kids aims to achieve patient-relevant structural and procedural improvements in the healthcare system. By providing an immediately accessible, low-threshold service, waiting times can be utilised more effectively and psychological stress during this critical phase can be reduced. The project illustrates the potential of digital technologies to complement traditional treatment methods and open up new pathways in psychological care.

As a pioneering project in the field of digital health solutions for children, DIVAN-Kids emphasises Nurogames‘ role as a pioneer in the development of applications that not only entertain, but also make a significant contribution to improving quality of life. By combining technological innovation, scientific research, and a deep understanding of the needs of affected children, DIVAN-Kids sets new standards for the integration of play and learning to promote mental health.

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