Managing Affective-learning THrough Intelligent atoms and Smart InteractionS

One of the core objectives of MaTHiSiS project is to enter the learning environments and make use of computing devices in learning in a more interactive way, which will provide a product-system to be used in formal, non-formal and informal education. An ecosystem for assisting learners/tutors/caregivers for both regular learners and learners with special needs will be introduced and validated in 5 use cases: Autism Spectrum Case (ACS), Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities Case (PMLDC), Mainstream Education Case (MEC), Industrial Training Case (ITC) and Career Guidance Distance Learning Case (CGDLC).

MaTHiSiS product-system consists of an integrated platform, along with a set of re-usable learning components (educational material, digital educational artifacts etc.), which will respond to the needs of a future educational framework, and provide capabilities for: i) adaptive learning, ii) automatic feedback, iii) automatic assessment of learner’s progress and behavioral state, iv) affective learning and v) game-based learning.

Within MaTHiSiS an innovative structural tool of learning graphs is introduced to guide the learner though the process of learning in the given scenario. To reach a learning objective, learner have to “follow the path” of the learning graphs, built up on Smart Learning Atoms, which are certain learning elements that carry defined learning materials.

To ensure barrier free integration in the market, MaTHiSiS makes use of a range of interaction devices, such as specialized robots, mobile devices and whiteboards. The consortium ensures easy-to-use solution with e.g.specialized graphical editor-like tool, allowing to easily creating educational materials as well as the reusability within both mainstream education and vocational training setups.

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