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Serious Games & Gamification

Gaming with depth – Nurogames creates games that inspire and move.

In addition to developing our own games, Nurogames offers a range of services to help other companies harness the potential of games. From customized game development to VR simulation creation and gamification consulting, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Our expertise lies in creating games that not only entertain but also provide additional value and enhance user motivation and engagement.

Serious Games Development

We develop customized Serious Games that have specific goals, such as knowledge transfer, training, therapy, or raising awareness about social and ecological issues. Our games are designed to convey complex content in an interactive and engaging manner, supporting the learning process.

Gamification Integration

We leverage the power of gamification to enhance your existing product or application. By incorporating playful elements such as point systems, leaderboards, rewards, and challenges, we make your application more enjoyable and motivate users to achieve specific goals. Gamification can be applied in various areas such as e-learning, healthcare, employee training, or customer engagement.

Training and Simulations

Immersive experiences designed to train employees or simulate real-life scenarios for educational purposes

Educational Games

Games that combine entertainment with informative content to teach specific topics or skills

Health and Well-being

Games aimed at promoting healthy behaviors, fitness, mental well-being, or addressing specific health issues

Enterprise Gamification

Application of game elements and mechanics in non-gaming contexts, such as employee engagement, productivity, or training programs

Games with Social Impact

Games that raise awareness, address social issues, or promote positive change in society

Behavior Change Games

Games designed to motivate and encourage players to adopt new behaviors or habits

Safety and Compliance

Games developed to enhance safety awareness and compliance with regulations within organizations

Cognitive Enhancement

Games that promote cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, problem-solving, or critical thinking

Environment and Sustainability

Games that raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices

Financial Education

Games that teach financial concepts, budgeting, investments, or entrepreneurship

Cultural Preservation

Games developed to preserve cultural heritage, traditions, or history

Ethics and Values

Games that explore ethical dilemmas, decision-making, and moral reasoning

Teamwork and Collaboration

Multiplayer games that foster teamwork, collaboration, and communication among participants

Crisis Management

Simulations and games that train individuals or organizations in crisis management and response

Government and Public Services

Games developed to engage citizens, promote civic participation, or provide public information

Our latest Serious Game projects