Play Stories

Revolutionising Outdoor Exploration Through Digital Innovation

In collaboration with NATUREVENTYR ApS and ESPRONCEDA, NUROGAMES is proud to lead the development of the innovative „Play Stories“ project, a visionary initiative that transforms outdoor exploration into an interactive and educational adventure. Building on the success of the „Nature Tales“ app, launched by NATUREVENTYR ApS in Denmark in 2019, we are introducing scalable, not location-bound storytelling, designed to encourage children to connect with nature actively, without the constant need to look at a screen. Our mission is to leverage technology not as a barrier but as a gateway to the natural world, fostering environmental awareness and physical activity through immersive storytelling.

Nature Education for Children and Adults

With Play Stories we seek to impact the green awareness of people all over Europe by targeting children and parents through an innovative education tool in the form of a nature storytelling app.

As defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals: education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development.

Since its launch in 2019, the Danish app Nature Tales has engaged more than 100,000 children on digital fairy tales experienced as GPS-based treasure hunts using immersive storytelling, play and movement along children-friendly routes in nature.

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Fostering Real World Connections

Our design philosophy ensures that Nature Tales minimises screen time, emphasising real-world engagement. Children are prompted to interact with their environment through activities that require observation, quiz-solving, and physical movement. This approach aligns with Nurogames‘ commitment to responsible technology use, promoting a balanced lifestyle that integrates digital learning with physical health and environmental stewardship.

Bringing Educational Stories to Nature

„Play Stories“ elevates the „Nature Tales“ app by introducing scalable stories that extend beyond GPS-based routes, enabling adventures that can be embarked upon anywhere. 
NUROGAMES harnesses AR challenges and mini-games within these stories, adding layers of interaction that encourage children to discover the wonders of their immediate environment. By blending fantasy with facts, we create a narrative canvas that strikes a chord with children’s imagination, motivating them to explore, learn, and interact with their surroundings. The collaborative ecosystem invites creators worldwide to contribute diverse stories, amplifying the app’s reach and impact.

NUROGAMES is charting a new course in environmental education with the „Play Stories“ project, showcasing our capability to innovate and lead in the digital space. Release: Q1 2025

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