Rune Bender VR

Single Player VR Wave-Shooter


Rune Bender is a fast-paced single player rogue-like VR Wave-Shooter in which players fight against monster waves from Slavic mythology to protect the shrine of the god “Veles” Draw runes to cast spells of different elements and shoot them wisely against „Perun“ the mad god of thunder.

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The Story

Plunge into the rich world of Slavic mythology and take on the role of a brave shaman in this immersive VR roguelike game. Your mission is to defend the holy shrine of the god „Veles“ from relentless waves of monstrous creatures summoned by the powerful deity „Perun“.

Armed with the power of ancient runes, you engage in intense combat against hordes of otherworldly foes. As the waves approach, you must quickly summon spells by drawing runes in the air. These mystical incantations allow you to unleash devastating magical attacks on the enemies.

The stronger the waves, the greater the challenges that require quick thinking, strategic decisions and wise rune drawing. Adjust your tactics and combine spells to create powerful synergies.

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping and immersive VR experience that combines fast-paced combat and strategic rune drawing inspired by Slavic mythology. The fate of the sanctuary, and maybe even the whole world, is in your hands.

Are you ready to join this epic battle and determine the fate of the world?

Funded by German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK)

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