Visual and Textual Content Re-purposing for Architecture and Virtual Reality Games

The Concept

V4Design will develop a platform that provides architects, video game creators and designers of any expertise with innovative tools necessary to enhance and simplify the creative phase of the designing process.

The main idea behind V4Design is to reuse visual content (movies, documentaries paintings and images from other artwork) and textual content (from textual documentations in films, critics, catalogues, museum guides) and re-purpose it in order in a way that will be useful for architecture and video game designers.

Official Project Website

The Details

To this end, V4Design will develop a data collection and retrieval tool that will gather data from content providers and crawl on-line art libraries, in order to extract 3D and VR representations from objects, buildings and cityscape environments.

Additionally, V4Design will introduce innovative design tools to architects, designers and video game creators that will leverage visual and textual ICT technologies:

  • Extract a specific historic era’s artistic or aesthetic style, localize buildings and art-objects in visual data
  • Generate personalized summaries of the retrieved commentaries, reviews, critics, etc. on the visual content
  • Enhance all the above with semantic knowledge, smart indexing and retrieval capability

The Result

V4Design will greatly enhance the creative phase of the design process. Past aesthetic trends and SoA design knowledge can easily be reused, fully leveraging the skills, competencies and talent of designers and allowing them to explore and create new realms.

A very rich source of inspiration will be also provided by textual summaries derived from the reflections on the analyzed artwork tuned to designers’ interests and profiles.