Signs From Mars

Story-driven Action-Adventure VR Game


Signs From Mars is a story-driven action-adventure VR game. The player slips into the shoes of G.D. who works together with Prof. Randy (geologist) on Mars to analyse Martian materials and build tools to extract, refine, and/or use them. Through a drilling accident, a storm is set off, causing for humans to switch bodies with one another and awaken the long dormant alien race on the planet. The player must find a way to return to their own body, defend themselves from the aliens, and stop the ever-increasing storm.


The game’s story serves as both an homage to old science-fiction movies from the 50s and 60s but also features a body-switch of most characters, which causes for a lot of funny shenanigans. It is an entertaining and humorous adventure with a diverse cast of characters that embraces its stylistic roots, clichés and all, while still taking a fresh and modern approach to storytelling.

The world design is inspired by the aesthetics of science fiction movies of the 50s and 60s combined with stylized character designs that are inspired by 3D animation films which creates a whole new mixture of the two.

The game features an original core mechanic where players must use the VR controllers to convey the hero’s dialogue by using American Sign Language. Through this, the game also teaches the players the basics of ASL.

The player character has many tools at their disposal to combat enemies but also progress through the level and interact with the objects in the world. The Magnet Phaser allows players to pull objects to them that are affected by the special mineral on Mars as well as suck said objects and transform them into projectiles that can stun enemies. With the Stasis Glove players can freeze objects in space and rotate them to help them with platforming through the levels but they can also use this in combat.

The prototype Signs From Mars (working title „The Last Martian“) was developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union

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