Water Cooler Game

The Concept

In the “Water Cooler Game” the player is hired by a small game studio to develop the team working of the studio through his interpersonal relationships. As an office assistant his goal is to increase the success of the company primary by improving the social skills of the virtual team.

Therefore he can visit the water cooler to start conversations that prompt group working/conflict management behavior/value based questions and multiple-choice answers for him to choose from. Besides that he has to handle the workflow by interacting with the staff members and organizing their work package as best as possible to achieve good ratings and awards for the shipped games.

The Idea

The Water Coolder Game is developed as part of the RAGE project. The RAGE project Realising an Applied Gaming Ecosystem is creating a technology and know-how transfer mechanism to accelerate innovation and growth of Applied (Serious) Games studios through Europe. Exemplary RAGE pilot cases demonstrate new approaches, methods and tools to support social and educational stakeholders at reducing EU labour market mismatches, by using Applied Gaming solutions for speeding up the creation of a modernised skilled workforce.