Project on Exercise for Fatigue Eradication in Advanced Breast Cancer to Improve Quality of Life

The context

PREFERABLE’s vision is to improve the standard of care in MBC by improving the quality, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of supportive care in a palliative setting. Based on the results from the (cost)- effectiveness study ‘EFFECT’ (a multinational randomised controlled phase 3 clinical trial) the different perspectives of patients with MBC on exercising (‘PERSPECTIVE’ study), and through mapping the differences in the European healthcare systems, the PREFERABLE project will generate solid and conclusive evidence of the beneficial effect of exercise on cancer-related side effects and patients’ Quality of Life and contribute towards reshaping medical practice, and improving clinical guidelines and recommendations.

Official Project Website

The mission

  • Improve Quality of Life for patients with MBC by decreasing treatment related side effects and maintaining patients’ physical functioning;
  • Use exercise interventions as a non-pharmacological adjuvant treatment to systemic therapy to reduce cancer-related fatigue;
  • Explore patient perspective on exercise intervention;
  • Deliver serious gaming solutions to facilitate exercise interventions and promote physical activity;
  • Fit exercise interventions into the different European healthcare systems and determine its cost-effectiveness;
  • Deliver a strategy that enables seamless implementation of exercise interventions in clinical guidelines.

The impact

  • We will show robust and conclusive evidence of the beneficial effect of exercise on patients with MBC
  • Improved health-related QoL for patients with advance MBC
  • Provide recommendations for reshaping medical practices, and contributing towards improvement of clinical guidelines.
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