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We Shape the Future of Gaming.

Who we are

We create gamified experiences

We are a software engineering company and we create for 17 years gamified applications and experiences. We develop games, gamification and serious games solutions for consumers, brands, established industry clients and in research & innovation projects.

What we do

Gamified applications and solutions for more effective and fun orientated learning and training with better results

Serious Games & Gamification

Strategies & solutions for serious games, gamification projects and gamified applications

Games Development

Gamified web experiences from concept to operations in all relevant disciplines

Virtual Reality

Immersive virtual worlds that invite players on unique adventures and provide an unparalleled gaming experience

Augmented & Mixed Reality

Combining the real world with digital content to create immersive mixed reality experiences

Gamified Research & Innovation

Gamified innovation solutions for business clients and in national & international research & innovation projects

Who we work with

Established companies & brands trust our expertise