Patient Self-care using eHealth in chronic Heart Failure

Interreg North-West Europe

Heart failure (HF) is one of the most important chronic diseases, affecting ~3,600,000 people in NWE today and >5,000,000 in 2025 due to population ageing. Current HF care requires regular patient visits (2 to >6/y) and is exclusively done by healthcare professionals. Homecare and self-management is unsupported. Current HF-eHealth products do not replace care, are stand-alone and add-ons to standard care. They are developed to facilitate standard treatment protocols rather than supporting patients and fostering businesses within the healthcare revenue streams. Next-gen eHealth (currently TRL4), providing decision support and actively involving HF-patients will be able to reduce costs (50%) and sustain quality healthcare. This provides huge business potential for the healthcare value chain. Change: PASSION-HF will jointly development of a self-learning, decision support, eHealth product called “Abby”, enabling homecare and self-management of chronic HF. It will include novel features such as interactive interface (e.g. nurse avatar), serious gaming, innovative feedback system and self-learning decision support based on big data. PASSION-HF will exploit this business potential by bringing the current TRL4 eHealth product to a TRL7 personalized mobile application within 43 months, supporting HF-patients in day-to-day homecare and self-prescription. This leads to an increased number of enterprises supported to introduce new products.