The overall objective of WELCOME is to facilitate the reception and integration of Third Country Nationals (TNC) through comforting, easy to comprehend, personalized technology solutions. WELCOME will develop immersive and intelligent services in which the individual agents act as dedicated personal assistants of TCNs and gather information to support the decisions of actors in the host countries.
The WELCOME agents will be grounded in empirical research and co-creation to ensure maximum adherence to cultural competency and flexibility to adapt to the many different cultural, religious, social and political diversities among TCNs. WELCOME appreciates the added value of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technologies. Interactive VR/AR technologies have become increasingly prevalent as a means of improving knowledge and skill retention – also in terms of “gamification”, which is growing within the business and training industries. WELCOME furthermore acknowledges that the knowledge (personal data, level of language proficiency, degree of integration, etc.) acquired in personalized interaction with TCNs is essential for asserted decision making of the authorities related to TCN reception and integration. To this end, WELCOME will use visual analytics techniques to build decision support services.