Software & Technologies

Software Engineering

  • Requirements Analysis, Software Architecture, System Design
  • Mobile, Web & Cross-Platform Development & Application Design
  • Software / Client Development of 2D & 3D Applications
  • Cocos2D-x & Unity® Development for Mobile, Browser, PC & Console
  • iOS / Android App & Game Development for Smartphones & Tablets
  • Cloud Computing, Server Development

2D & 3D Design & Animation

  • 2D / 3D Graphics, Character Design, Modelling, Animation, Motion Capturing
  • GUI Design, Application Design, Game Design
  • User Experience / User Interface Design

Impact Management, Exploitation, Business Planning

  • Exploitation, Business Planing & Modelling, Impact Management
  • Dissemination & Public Relations

Products & Services

Client Development

  • cocos2d-x
  • Unity 5 & Unreal 4
  • Xamarin

Server Development

 Data Analytics

  • Application Screnarios
    • Learing Analytics
    • Game Analytics
    • Big Data Analytics

 Human Learning

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Moodle
  • Deeper Learning

Machine Learning

Gamification platform for socially, physically and cognitively active lifestyles

Our software engineering team develops within the GOAL project a gamification platform for socially, physically and cognitively active lifestyles the platform will benefit both players and third-party game developers. Players get to play their favourite games while at the same time working on a social and active lifestyle. Where certain GOAL games or applications will reward users for healthy behaviour, others allow the user to spend their earned GOAL Coins on virtual or real rewards.

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Blockchain-based Gamification Solution for Plastics Recycling

Our software engineering team will develop a gamification tier and other core modules for the PTwist blockchain platform. This includes the design, implementation and deployment of a blockchain platform, from the proof-of-concept to the initial production network made of real nodes (i.e. the pilots and Fablabs), along with design and implemention of all software modules and a consensus algorithm that satisfies the functional and non-functional requirements of rewarding plastics recycling. All components and core modules development (monetizing, rewarding, gamifcation tiers) will be developed under an iterative (agile based) approach and take user developers reviews and suggestions into consideration for rapid prototyping and improvement. Appropriate API(s) will be developed to facilitate communications between the platform and the pilot specific applications which will contain their own gamification and functional tools.

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