// Server Development

Server Development

Application Server: Topology


Application Server: Base Technology

The server is flexibly deployable on private machines or in the cloud, e.g. Amazon



Software Base

  • (versions to be defined at project start)
  • Operating system: Linux (prefered Debian or Ubuntu)
  • Webserver/Language: Apache + PHP
  • Database: MySQL (alternative NoSQL databases possible)

Client/Server security

  • HTTPS (certificates required)
  • request tokens
  • checksums
  • server-side purchase verification

Security Tools (provider dependend)

  • ssh (ssh-key only)
  • Firewall (iptables based)
  • intrusion prevention (Fail2ban and other)
  • intrusion detection (rkhunter and others)
  • monitoring (depends on provider)

High availability (provider dependend)

  • replication
  • clustering
  • elastic ip's