// School for Vampires

School for Vampires

Free-2-play mobile MMORTS game

Release: Nov. 2013



All kids have to go to school, even if they are vampires. In the TV series “School for Vampires”, you get to know Oscar, who is doing his best to become a real vampire, even though he fell in love with a human girl and the sheer sight of blood makes him faint. Together with his friends, Oscar takes classes in a school where they can learn everything a creature of the night should know: how to avoid dangerous garlic and sunlight, make magic potions, identify blood types or transform yourself into a bat.

In this game, you get the chance to become a pupil at the school for vampires and attend classes together with Oscar and his friends! You get to know the ancient secrets of dark magic and train your vampiric skills. In order to be successful, you have to plan well, attend diverse classes and take up different jobs at the castle in order to get materials needed to pass the courses. You can also challenge other students online to see who has what it takes to become the smartest vampire student of all times! Invite your friends to play with you! Vampires with more friends can attend advanced courses and have much better chances of winning a challenge.


  • FREE to play
  • Multiplayer ONLINE Role Playing Game
  • Mysterious vampire world with an exciting story
  • Retina Display optimization
  • Over 90 unique tasks and dozens of items you can use
  • Fast and easy game introduction
  • Alliance and challenge system allowing you to add your friends and compete against them
  • Weekly prizes for the top 10 players of the leader boards
  • Port your score using Game Center, so you can switch effortlessly between your iOS-devices