// Mayas & Aliens

Mayas and Aliens

Free-2-play mobile MMORPG game

Release: Dec. 2012


Lead your team to victory and earn a ticket to a distant and safe planet! Get more support from other Mayan warriors, Alien fighters and use their technology! Have fun in a fascinating world of the Mayas & Aliens. Now available for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

It was 884 AD, when a small idyllic Mayan village was suddenly threatened by a volcanic eruption. The folk expected the imminent doom, so prayers and sacrifices of the Mayas were increased. Suddenly, alien gods with strange green faces descend from the stars. What a joy, what a hope! They promise the Mayas salvation from the destruction of the world. But there's a catch. The alien spaceship doesn’t have enough space to save everyone. For that reason the Mayan people have to pass tests provided by aliens to earn their salvation. That means that you’ll have to challenge them in different tests and win races. Only the winners will get the gift of being part of a secure future.


  • Free to play
  • 9 extra-terrestrial tests with over 90 tasks in the fascinating world of Maya
  • High quality illustrations in a funny cartoon style
  • Over 90 beautifully designed characters, buildings and hieroglyphs
  • Fight against other players in leagues and get extra rewards
  • Search collaborators to increase your chance in fights
  • Gain experience points and upgrade your skills