// Glassist


Smart-Glass-based Assistance Systems for Machine Tools

Intelligent assistance systems in machine tools have the potential to actively draw the attention of machine operators (humans) to machine states in real time. This is particularly relevant to produce high-quality workpieces, since such a system enables intelligent communication with sensors integrated into the machine and thus makes the data of the sensors available to the operator in a simplified form. With this data, the operator can determine at a glance whether the current production of the workpiece can be optimized or whether there is a production error.

With the assistance system “Glassist”, such use cases can be extended depending on the information content of the connected sensors. Using intelligent ML (Machine Learning) technologies and appropriate HMI (Human Machine Interface), a virtual image of the workpiece is made visible to the user, which contains additional information (information about states) about the currently produced component. This brings together virtuality and reality in the sense of industry 4.0. The aim of “Glassist” is to achieve a sustainable reduction in rejects of workpieces produced with machine tools, a higher availability of the machine and a complete exploitation of the machine’s performance capacity. Here Glassist offers a real advantage over conventional methods, where it can only be determined afterwards whether such a fault has occurred.

Dieses Vorhaben wurde aus Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) gefördert.