// Fast Fin

Fast Fin

Free-2-play mobile arcade game

Release: Dec. 2013


Join the small speedy clown fish Fin on his odyssey through the depths of the Atlantic! The large and diverse underwater world offers you this fast-paced action, lots of challenges and lots of fun.

Barely hatched protagonist Fin has already got a lot of troubles: A tsunami destroyed his home, an idyllic coral reef. The remaining eggs, which are his unhatched siblings, were scattered all over the ocean. To all misfortune, toxic chemicals are leaking from an old submarine wreck. It pollutes vast areas of the ocean over time. Now, every second counts! Help Fin to save his siblings and escape from the toxic flow!

The ocean is enormous, but Fin is growing with the challenges as well...


  • Entertaining gameplay with long-term gaming fun
  • Optimized for iPhones and iPads with Retina Display
  • Two game modes: Story- and Survival-mode
  • Beautifully designed levels with detailed illustrations
  • Catchy Caribbean tunes and atmospheric sound effects
  • Five unique advanced abilities through upgrades
  • Intuitive one-touch control
  • Support of many different languages
  • Facebook support so that you can share your scores and invite your friends
  • Game Center support



[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbzAvWZwWQw[/embedyt]