// Arena Fever

Arena Fever

Free-2-play competition skill game

Release: May 2014

The competition is in the core of a human nature. Since the ancient times dueled gladiators in a variety of disciplines.

The gaming principle is as old as the humanity itself. Within the ancient arenas players are competing against each other to find out who is the best among them. As such, both duels with friends, as well as competitions against other opponents can be played.
Should the player have just a few minutes during the course of the day, a quick match against a friend can be played. This, at the same time, serves as an exercise for the big arena battles. During these matches, sprawling on a number of tournaments, it is possible to conquer some real prizes of renowned retail-partners in addition to fame and glory.

The outcome of the battle determines the result of the carefully-designed, with special attention to details game. This creates a fast-paced mix of fun, action and skill demonstration. The possibility of obtaining real prizes immeasurably increases the tension and the excitement of the players.


  • Diverse, turn-based Arena games
  • Duels against friends
  • Up to 25 open games
  • Customization of the own avatar / gladiators
  • Hall of Fame and Game Statistics
  • Optimized for high-resolution HD displays
  • Real prizes from renowned retail-partners for a possible tournament victory
  • Partner Gift Cards & Coupons