// 3D Modelling & Animation

3D Modelling & Animation


3D Characters & Animations 

For the creation of our 3D characters we use Maya, a program that covers anything from 3D modeling to animation and rendering. Besides Maya we use a number of other programs for more specialized tasks that help to speed up the workflow.


3D Asset Production "World of Kingdoms"

The assets in World of Kingdoms take inspiration from historical architecture. For this game we created all our 3D models in Maya, while textures were made in Photoshop with photographic material. When creating assets we aim to make every building tell its own story. This makes it easier for us to create a cool design, but also makes the building more interesting for the player to look at.

Cinematic Trailer - 3D Scene "World of Kingdoms"

The following screenshots present a work in progress scene for the upcoming "World of Kingdoms" trailer. They depict the battles between players on a stylistic map. The total duration of the trailer shall last for one minute. The initial step of the trailer production starts with an original short screenplay, following the development of the storyboard. Further, the 3D model of the environment is created, adding up textures and lights to the scene. The next step encompasses the creation of the character focusing on texturing, rigging and animation. The crucial part of the production is then finalized with the trailer rendering beginning the postproduction process.

9 Upgrade Level of Buildings "World of Kingdoms"

In World of Kingdoms the players can upgrade their structures over 9 levels. Each level brings distinct visual improvements, so you can watch your buildings change as your kingdom expands and technology advances!

Environment Assets

The little details bring a structure to life! By adding small environmental assets to our game, we bring the game world to life. We give as much care to the small and simple assets as we do to the largest buildings.

3D Characters & Objects - "World of Goblins"

World of Goblins is darker in tone than World of Kingdoms and explores a darker side of the fantasy world. The assets were again created mostly with Maya and Photoshop. Our goal was to create a game that feels like it exists in the same universe as World of Kingdoms, while also creating a new distinct style for the Goblin culture.

Environment Modelling - Exer Class "PATHway"

Exer Class is an exercise application. For the environment we wanted to create a clean, realistic and recognizable setting. All assets were made in Maya and level design was done in Unity. The characters were made using MakeHuman, with changes and rigging done in Maya.

Exer Game "PATHway"

In Exer Game the focus is on fun and to reflect this we wanted to create a bright and colorful game world. All assets were created in Maya and the frog character was modeled from scratch using character blueprints.

3D Buildings - City Builder Concept Drafts